IBTForum Review: Nairatime V2 Review And Registration

by Quyum
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Hey there! In this post, I will talking about IBTForum review i.e Nairatime V2 review and at the the end of this post if you can read till end, I have a very special bonus for you.

Introduction to IBTForum

IBTForum is a newly lunched online platform which actually pays it’s users for carrying out different activities on the website. IBTForum actually happens to be the version 2 of the previously known Nairatime income.

Click here to register for ibtforum

How to Earn On IBTForum

There are basically five (5) ways through which you can earn or benefit as a member of IBTForum and these are:

  1. Daily Sponsored Post (#100): You will get paid for sharing the daily assigned sponsored post or advert of different companies on your Facebook wall. Their is always 2-5 sponsored post available daily. You will earn #100 for each of these adverts you post on your Facebook timeline.
  2. Post/Article Submission (#1000): As a registered member, you will also have th opportunity to earn a whooping bonus of #1000 whenever you submit a post/article to the website. Once it has been approved, you will have your #1000 bonus added to your account.
  3. Affiliate/ GuiderBonus (#1000): IBTForum will also pay you an affiliate/referral commission whenever you invite anyone to register on their platform. You will earn an affiliate commission (otherwise known as guider bonus) for every successful registration through your assignated affiliate link.
  4. Free Access to Premium eBooks: As a member of this platform, you will also have unlimited access to unlimited premium eBooks on the website. The books are those related to internet/digital entrepreneurship e.g ebook on how to create a verified PayPal account, ebook on dropshipping etc.
  5. Coupon Code Distributor: As a registered member of IBTForum, you will also have the chance to help the company distribute their registration coupon code and you will earn a commission of #100 for every sale.

How to Withdraw on IBTForum

IBTForum pays their members straight into their local bank account every weekend. Once the member has been able to reach the minimum threshold of #1500, such person will be able to fill the withdrawal form at the end of the week by Saturday and will receive their credit alert by Monday.
Here are the things you must take note of about the withdrawal:

  • Minimum Threshold/ Minimum withdrawal : #1500
  • Withdrawal Days: Every Saturday
  • Payment day: Sunday – Tuesday

How to Register An Account On IBTForum

Please, note that before you can register for this platform, you need to have a one-time registration of just #1500. Moreso, we all know that nothing good comes for free especially when it comes to the online world. You will also need some other things just as mentioned below;

IBTForum Registration Requirements

There are three ways through which you can register on IBTForum and these are:

Registration Using Paystack

Follow the steps below to register using Paystack.

  • Click here to go registration page
  • Fill in the required info and then click “Register
  • You will now be redirected you your dashboard to Activate your account. Click on “Click here
  • Click “Join premium
  • Hit the “Proceed to buy” button
  • Fill in the required details and click on “Place order
  • Click on “Pay now
  • You will then be redirected to paystack to complete your registration payment of #1500.
  • After the payment, you will be redirected to a page indicating that your registration has been completed successfully, you can then login and start earning.

Registration Using coupon code

This involves the use of an Epin known as coupon code to register. You can get the Epin from any of their coupon code vendors but I will recommend you to buy from me as I’m also one of the coupon vendors on the site. You can get the coupon code by sending your #1500 to the account below.

2117216486, Kehinde Quyum Akolawole, UBA.

After sending the money, then you can send me your payment proof on WhatsApp (08034052111) and I will send you your code immediately.
I will recommend you to go through the second mean of registration as it is 100% safe and swift. But, you can also go for the first method… As you wish.

Registration Through Me

You can also decideregister on this platform by allowing me to help you go through the process of the registration. How can you do this?

All you have to do is to send the #1500 to my bank account as detailed below.

2117216486, Kehinde Quyum Akolawole, UBA

Then send these information to me on Whatsapp so as to proceed with your registration;

  • Payment proof
  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Preferred Username

Once you send it, I will confirm your payment immediately and help you complete your registration within 2-3 minutes.

My Special Bonus

And here is where the special bonus comes in, for anyone who registers through me or registers using my affiliate link, I have a ready-made ebook by Prosper Noah, one of the top internet marketers in Nigeria and current No. 1 top earner at expertnaire on how to get get high number of downlines for your affiliate marketing, network marketing or any other aspect of internet marketing. The book is titled REFERRAL HACK PRO which worth #5000 if you want to purchase it directly from his website.

Sounds good right?

Yes, but just take note this special bonus is only available for those who registers on this platform using my affiliate link or registers directly through me.

Here is my link through which you can register. After you might have registered, just send me an email with your username and your dashboard screenshot.

And I will send you the special bonus immediately. You can also contact me on Whatsapp through by number that I dropped above.

Note: You can also call me on my phone number (08034052111) or contact me across Facebook. Here’s my Facebook profile link

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IBTForum is actually here to stay and the CEO and all his staffs has deployed some new strategy to make it very better compared to the version 1 which happens to be Nairatime.

I hope so far in this IBTForum review, you’ve been able to know how the Nairatime version 2, IBTForum works and also other details you need to.

Please drop your opinion or questions in the comments section below.

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